Day 3 Clewiston-Stuart FL.


Tuesday April 5, 2016

We awoke to a heavy dew and cool morning but the best part, not a cloud in the sky and an expected high of 81 F.  Before heading out we topped up the fuel and made our way onto Lake Okeechobee.  We chose to do the open water route across which was more direct rather than hugging the shoreline around the lake.   The lake is the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the US at  34 miles long and 25 miles across. The winds were light which made for a fairly comfortable crossing at about 35 mph.  The water of the lake and the rivers leading into and out of were a nasty rusty/brown colour -which I later learned was a result of tannic acid from decaying vegetation-roots, leaves & and the tides.  This area is also known for their white pelicans which were cool.  Once arriving at the other side of the lake we had a couple of more locks going down as Lake Okeechobee is the high point in Florida.

Travelling along the St Lucie River/ Canal there were many little waterfalls along the way coming into the waterway, but other than that, the ride was boring or “uneventful”.  The St Lucie lock was a 14′ drop and it would be a while until we would encounter another lock.

As we were travelling along the canal the houses were getting bigger and the boats/yachts were getting even bigger.  Now the Captain doesn’t like to adhere to rules/regulations, particularily speed limits in “no wake” zones. He thought people were waving at him from shore but in fact they were using hand signals to let him know they weren’t happy with his speed(flipped him the bird) and further along the journey a woman actually hailed him on the VHF radio to slow down.  I do believe he has learned the speed for “no wake zones” now.

As bumper girl every day I seemed to have more and more duties placed upon me, one being to call ahead and book our marina slip for that evening.  Our boat uses 30 amp service but we had purchased a converter so when I was asked what electrical service we needed I said it didn’t matter 30 or 50. After travelling 58 miles today  we arrived at Sunset Marina in Stuart and they directed us to our slip which had 50 amp service so the Captain pulls out the converter and I then find out again he hadn’t checked to make sure it worked and guess what-it didn’t.  So after a few choice words we had to move to another slip-I was then relieved of this duty (for a while).  The marina was very nice with exceptional sunsets and as we wandered the docks we saw boats from Ocho Rios-Jamaica, Ketchikan-Alaska, & Yellowknife-NWT.

Boat has been running really well but after a hot day on the water we put the air conditioning on and it crapped out, likely the filter is clogged but we don’t know where it is-oh well we will survive and I am sure the hot weather won’t last too long as we travel north.


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