Day 4 Stuart-Vero Beach, FL


Wednesday Apr. 6, 2016

Today was a light travel day on the Indian River only logging 44 miles under a partly cloudy sky and about 75 degrees leaving Stuart @ 11:30 and arrived at Vero Beach @ 2:30.  Now heading north as we passed an outlet to the Atlantic the wind was really strong and very cool and just when you thought the houses couldn’t get any bigger, they did.

After screwing up our marina reservation yesterday, Jim did the honours today and therefore we had all right hook ups at the Vero Beach City Marina.  As I tried to figure out and follow the Waterway Guides along the route I was really confused because they are written as if you were traveling the other direction(south) and I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it, but the Captain could.

After settling in at the Marina we took a short walk to the beach and Jim finally felt the Atlantic Ocean.  The area is nicknamed “Velcro Beach”, as once people visit there they don’t want to leave.  It would be a very nice vacation destination with a beach town feel.

After  a couple of cocktails along the beach we headed back to the boat and had our first dinner on board.

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