Day 5 Vero Beach-Cocoa Beach, FL.

Thursday April 7, 2016

Travelling the 55 miles to Cocoa Beach was an easy 3 hr. day, the ICW is fairly wide with not a lot to see.  Lots of little islands surrounded by sand and the occasional boat beached at them.  We had another great weather day but we do notice the nights cooling down.  We also found  there wasn’t any significant tide to deal with when tying up, due to a lock at Cape Canaveral.

As Bumper Girl’s list of duties grows, filling the oil tanks on the fly, Captain Jim was complaining he was getting a cramp in his finger from holding the fuel transfer button down-poor guy.  With Triplethreat having 3 engines they each have an oil reservoir to fill and we have 3 x 140 gallon fuel tanks although we only draw from one, the main tank, and the other two are  reserve tanks that we pump from into the main.

Staying at Cocoa Village Marina tonite and their facilities are excellent.  We had a nice walk about their historic town and visited a huge hardware store that has been in the same family for 131 years-if they don’t have something it probably isn’t made.  I suggested to them that it would be a huge undertaking to do inventory-they said it has never been done, and I am sure some of it may be from 131 years ago.  Who knew Cocoa Beach is well known for their chocolate covered chips, so I thought I better try them-OMG yummy wish I’d bought more.

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